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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love Wins Multiplication

Okay, so it's been a little while since I blogged but a challenge from my pastor has me back here today. The theme of our church for awhile now has been "Love Wins" and we are currently in the middle of a year long campaign "Nothing is too difficult for God". We've learned about abouthow no illness is too difficult for God to heal and we are currently learning about how no financial need is too great for God. This past Sunday's sermon was based around how God takes what we have and multiplies it when we follow through with what he leads us to do. The Sermon was titled "What's in Your House" based on the story of the widow woman who only had just a little bit of oil but began pouring it into other jars and the oil didn't run out until there were no jars left. 2 Kings 4:1-7

So, for the challenge, the pastor handed out a $1 bill to everyone in the congregation, ($150 in all) and challeged us to use our creativity to multiply it. Combining that with "what's in your house" I came up with these cute little Love Wins charms. They can be worn as a pendant on a cord, added to keyring or zipper pull, or worn as a charm on your sneakers, etc. We will be bringing our dollars and the sum of their multiplication back to the church on Sunday May 3rd. I am making these charms availible for a $2 donation, a small portion of that (about .60 to .75 cents) will cover the cost of mailing the charm and the rest will be donated to Christian Center. I can't wait to see what God turns $150 dollars into. I will be sure to share the news here.

So, please consider helping me out! Choose your favorite charm, it will come with a jump ring, and leave me a comment with the charm you like and an email address, I will contact you with a paypal invoice for the donation amount so I can get your charm sent out to you.

Everyone who participates will be eligible for a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to . The winner will be chosen and announced Tuesday May 5th with the results of the multiplication challenge.

Thanks so much and may God abundantly bless you!


♥WORDZ OF LIFE♥ said...

Hi Cherry!

Our church did something very similar a few years truly was amazing to hear the stories of God's multiplication!!! I pray for all who received this challenge as well..that God throws open the floodgates of heaven and tosses down abundance!!

mattscraftywife said...

I want one with the 2 blue hearts that says love wins. Can you send me your address so I can send you a donation that way? Paypal eats up so much, I'd rather send you money :)

Lucy79 said...

I want the pink heart one :) I'll convo you on etsy about it! Thanks! This is a great idea!

Carol said...

Count me in with the charm pictured on top, ok, Cherry? Thanks! :)

Cherry's Creations said...

Thanks Carol, please email me or convo me thru etsy with your email addy or I can give you my address, a couple ladies are just mailing their donation to me. Appreciate it!

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Hi Miss Cherry!

I've heard of this idea of reproducing the parable of the talents but never known anyone who participated. This is SO cool!

Can I have 3 of the pink ones? Like Matts, I'd love to just send you a cheque.


Flynn Orchards said...

Hi Cherry,

I would like the one that has live laugh love on it. My email is



delighted heart said...

I LOVE IT! This is brillant! My mind is racing with possibilities! I'm blogging about you tonight! And I want to put a "button" on my sidebar to link to your site. How many of these thingys do you plan on making? I want 5 of the white round ones to start with. And I'm thinking I want something from your etsy site...I'll convo you. This idea just ROCKS!
Bless Ya Girlfriend!
I came over here from Angela's Hampton House.

delighted heart said...

Check out the post I just did on your charms! I think you need to get your supplies ready! I'm sending this to some of the wedding blogs tomorrow. You'll understand after reading my blog post. I think you need to list them in your etsy shop too.

TPDesign said...

Hey Cherry.

I wish you the best on this! I know that God will bless you and the church! Go ahead and send me 10! Whatever designs - it doesn't matter, I can think of a ton of things to do with these. Thanks!

Hampton House said...

I would like two of the one with the heart.

Thanks dear sister!

convo me with what I need to do next.

CrochetRUs said...

I'd like the white one with the pink heart on it! thank you! my email is