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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Cast Off

Recently, Kandyce - my artist friend, and I stumbled upon this wonderful space for lease in the SCRAP building in Denton. It is a new resale/recycle shop for craft type items. We have kicked around the idea for awhile that we would like to have a place where we could work on the arts and crafts we make to sell and display our work. This spot was perfect, at just the right price and even though neither of us was quite prepared to cast off into this new (ad)venture, we consulted our very supportive husbands who also saw lots of potential in the space and location. So here we are casting off and getting ready to move our studios out of our homes and into Denton.
All of that being said, we would like to ask if you have any things in your home that you might like to cast off and donate to our adventure. If you have things in your home that are in your way, you no longer use or just don't need, we would love to give them a new home and new purpose.

Here is a wish list that we have compiled:

Mini Fridge
Small microwave
small bookshelves
Clothes iron
Table top ironing board
Scrap fabrics, lace , twine & ribbon
Small trash can or waste paper baskets
Square or rectangle storage bins and baskets
Broken or unwanted costume jewelry
Buttons, keys, beads
Scrapbooking inks & rubber stamps
Mop & mop bucket
Broom & dust pan
Area rug in good condition, neutral colors aprox 8' x 10 or 12'
Decorative iron work
Sizzix dies or embossing folders
Postage scale
Any other miscellaneous art & craft supplies

We appreciate you keeping us in mind when deciding what to do with things you are ready to cast off.

Don't have anything to get rid of? We are having a yard sale of our own Friday & Saturday, the 20th & 21st from 8am to 2pm both days. The money raised that day will help us with our beginning operating expenses.

You will be able to visit us in our new studio & boutique, aka Cherry Kandy, at 215 W. Oak St, in the SCRAP building. We will be having a preview night on Friday , February 3rd from 7 to 9 pm.

Please contact Kandyce or me, we will be happy to make arrangements to pick up items you wish to donate to us or give you the address of the yard sale.

Thank you all so much!

1 comment:

Cherryone said...

Looks good..We will see it in May when we are there..I will send you a very good Fuller Brush broom and dust pan..(found on your wish list)