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Monday, June 2, 2014

Meet The Help - Part 2

This guy has been around longer than the business!  Life is never ever boring with this character.  He's smart, handsome and more creative than he gives himself credit for.

Meet my hubby & production department, Shannon.  Always up for a challenge, he tries his hand at most every idea I throw his way, and sometimes he just laughs at me too. He follows several great woodworkers on line and is constantly learning from guys like, Steve Ramsey of Wood Working for Mere Mortals, Marc Spagnola of The Wood Whisperer and several others. I think his greatest inspirations for doing woodworking would be his father & grandfather though. 

Married nearly 19 years, I think we make a pretty decent team. I love collaborating with him and bouncing new ideas around.  He has been a great source of encouragement for my business as a whole. I'm not really sure how many times I have asked him "Do I need to go get a 'real'  job?" He always responds with something along the lines of "you have a real job, how can I help make it better?"

In addition to cutting crosses and blocks for me, he's got some pretty nifty ideas and designs of his own. He's cut some logos out for me in the past and recent made this super adorable birdie as a surprise for me.

I love it!!! And I love him. I will be forever grateful for his support, help and permission to persue my dream job. 

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. (Ecclesiastes 9:10a NASB)

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