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Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to Cozy Up

Well, it's getting to be that time of year where there is a need to bundle up. It's even been quite chilly here in Texas but I hear it gets very cold in Chicago which is where a good friend of mine is moving too very soon. I wanted her to have a little going away gift, something to fit her personality and would be useful. So off on an Etsy adventure I went and these are what I found:
A gorgeous neck warmer and a wonderfully fun coffee cozy from Matic Studio. My friend loved them both, how could someone not, the yarm was so soft and , yes COZY! The beautiful rhinestone accent on the neck warmer gives it that little extra pizazz! My friend will look quite stylish when she gets to Chicago! And if you are the itsyist bit envious, go see all the other gorgeous selections to choose from at . Leah, the shop owner, does exceptional work and is a joy to do business with, she is very helpful and super quick too. (I've ordered from her before, more gifts that were enthusiastically received by some more friends of mine.) Tell her Cherry sent you!


mattscraftywife said...

GREAT Feature! I love Leah of MaticStudio too. She's a great crocheter and friend too. A true sweetie. :D

sewmelody said...

Oooh! You've featured one of my favorite sellers! My DD and I just wore a couple of her beautiful hats last night...Warm and lovely:).

I am honored to call her my friend! And so happy to see her gorgeous work featured.

Princess Daffy said...

Beautiful blog page Cherry! And we ALL LOVE Leah of Maticstudio! She does beautiful work and has a sweet heart to boot!
thanks for featuring her today :o)

Sugarfoots said...

aww, you guys are awesome!
Thanks for featuring me, Cherry!
And coming from such awesome sellers, I take these compliments to heart and cherish each friendship I have made with these fine women!!!!

Sugarfoots said...

oops, he he, I forgot my blogger account was only for Sugarfoots!
It is I, Leah, of MaticStudio......ahem, ahem.

Cherry's Creations said...

Leah, you are funny too. It was my pleasure to feature someone so well loved!