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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordz of Life

Several years ago, God really impressed upon me how important spoken words are. They are powerful, think about, God SPOKE the world and nearly everything in it , into existence. The Bible tells us as Christians, that through Christ we have His authority as well, so it would stand to reason that the words we speak also carry a certain amout of weight and power. I am not talking about a "name it and claim it" type philosophy, God's will still prevails, but I am speaking of carefully choosing to speak life and blessings instead of complaints and curses. So, when I found Jeanette's Wordz of Life Etsy Shop, I was both reminded of these things and thrilled with her use of words. Her little snippets are all about life and blessings. I just had to have one for a friend of mine and I was blessed to have received one for myself too.

Aren't they precious? Wouldn't they make a great gift item for just about anyone, Pastor, babysitter, friend, sibling, grandparent? I have had the opportunity to visit with Jeanette via an Etsy thread and she is such a blessing! She is sweet and encouraging and just an absolute joy to do business with. Stop by he Etsy shop and tell her Cherry sent you!

Leave a comment and share your favorite snippet from her shop!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Studio Space

So my new studio spce is just about complete. It is so awesome to have everything I use frequently all in one spot. No more searching in closets and digging through boxes. It's all right here and I am already loving it!

So do you have any
tips for getting organized?
Please leave a comment and
share your ideas with others!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just for FUN!!!

I've been tagged by Rachel Kovaciny on her Hugermugger Blog to list 8 random things about myself. I have a few minutes so let's see what I can come up with.

1. I live about 3000 miles east of where I grew up but about 2000 miles west of where I was born.

2. My favorite anything (foods, colors, etc) changes with my mood. The only excepton is my favorite place to be and that is the Northern Cali Coast.

3. I am not working in the industry I went to school for.

4. I have the same number of children that my mother has.

5. I have the same number of brothers that my mother has.

6. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is not my idea of fun.

7. I LOVE Etsy

8. I have moved about 20 times in in my life.

I duly tag these 8 bloggers: