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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Studio Space

So my new studio spce is just about complete. It is so awesome to have everything I use frequently all in one spot. No more searching in closets and digging through boxes. It's all right here and I am already loving it!

So do you have any
tips for getting organized?
Please leave a comment and
share your ideas with others!


StudioCherie said...

Motivational post is all I'm gonna say.

Sue Runyon said...

Tips for organizing My studio? Um, no . . . My refrigerator is really neat though. Priorities.

Cherry's Creations said...

StudioCherie, your etsy shop is awesome, love your blog too!

Sue, your work is gorgeous too and some people creativly work better when things are a little askew.

mattscraftywife said...

WOW Cherry! what is this thing you call "Organized"? LOL I am no where near as organized as you are!

♥♥♥♥♥♥ Wordz of Life ♥♥♥♥♥♥ said...

Wow! Ummm...WOW! A tip from me for organizing? Have you LOOKED at your craft space, Cherry? What's to improve????!!

peony paperie said...

Thanks for the picutres! I'm also working on my "studio" and I love to see other people's spaces. I saw a cute idea on for covering magazine files (you make them out of cardboard and cover with fabric) that I might try for storing paper.

One tip that works for me, is keeping item that I use together in a bigger basket. Ex: shipping items. I keep a basket of mailers, stapms, labels, business cards, etc.. in one basket, so when I need to mail something, it's all right there!

Great work!

Princess Daffy said...

Looks great Cherry! I am blessed to have my own space too-only mine is NOT as tidy as yours! LOL-not even close :o)

xoxoxoxo, Daff

LindaCCC said...

Wow! It must be so nice to have your own work space. I love your jewelry -- very beautiful!