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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crowd Funding - What is worthy of your generosity?

I can't believe how much fun Kandy and I have been having at our studio and boutique!  The space is perfect for the two of us, we work so well together and love the gals at SCRAP Denton (our landlord), they are so good to us.  We have built in foot traffic and easy access anytime we need to supplies, we just slip over to SCRAP and find what we need (and so many fun things we don't need too).  Finding out all the cool ways to reuse materials has also been a blast.  It's is so delightful to make something old new again and know that we can be responsible stewards of our environment on some small level.

We are wives of wonderfully supportive husbands and moms of rapidly growing children. We desperately want to help contribute to our families financially, especially with college in the not too distant future. But we also want to have the freedom to work around our families schedules, we want to be there for them, we don't want to sacrifice our family time or relationships. We don't want to jump into jobs that we hate.  We want to show our children that you can do what you love and have a rich and rewarding life. We are conscientious of all these things as we are building our business and know that it takes time to become truly profitable.  We are not there yet and unfortunately running low on financial resources.

So here is where we discuss Crowd Funding.  If you haven't heard of it, it is a means to present your cause or project or goal to the masses and ask them to partner with you in achieving that through their financial support, or donation if you will. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are two avenues to pursue this path of raising financial support.  As a campaigner, you can set up certain levels of contributions with "Perks" that you would provide to your contributors.  In our case, it might be something like two of our handmade notecards at the $10 level,  a lovely fabric flower brooch at the $25 level and so on.

We would love to get your input.  If we were to run a campaign to raise $3000 to help cover our operating expenses and develop an ad campaign for 2013, to keep us doing what we love to do, be available for our families and help us become profitable, is this a cause you would find worthy of your generosity? Would you donate?  If you donated what perks would you like to see offered?  Please leave a comment with your thoughts, feedback, crowd funding experience or suggestions.  We would be ever so grateful!

Appreciate you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cherry Kandy is sweets for the eyes

Life has been busy busy! Kandy and I are hard at work making all kinds of "pretties" or "sweets" for the eyes to behold. Everything from up cycled aluminum necklaces to shabby chic altered bottles.  with our children just about to start the new school year, we are gearing up for the fall craft show season too!  I love working in the studio and I definitely love working with another creative spirit.  It is so much fun to bounce ideas off each other and collaborate!

If you are local and haven't had a chance to come by and see us, please do!! We'd love to chat with you and show all of our artsy fartsy (as our hubbies call it) "pretties" and "sweets".

Just one question for you: What is your favorite fall color combo?

we sure do appreciate all our fans and family and especially our hubbies for supporting us! Hope to see you soon :0)

Check out our photo albums on our Facebook page Cherry-Kandy to see more pretties & sweets for the eyes!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Cast Off

Recently, Kandyce - my artist friend, and I stumbled upon this wonderful space for lease in the SCRAP building in Denton. It is a new resale/recycle shop for craft type items. We have kicked around the idea for awhile that we would like to have a place where we could work on the arts and crafts we make to sell and display our work. This spot was perfect, at just the right price and even though neither of us was quite prepared to cast off into this new (ad)venture, we consulted our very supportive husbands who also saw lots of potential in the space and location. So here we are casting off and getting ready to move our studios out of our homes and into Denton.
All of that being said, we would like to ask if you have any things in your home that you might like to cast off and donate to our adventure. If you have things in your home that are in your way, you no longer use or just don't need, we would love to give them a new home and new purpose.

Here is a wish list that we have compiled:

Mini Fridge
Small microwave
small bookshelves
Clothes iron
Table top ironing board
Scrap fabrics, lace , twine & ribbon
Small trash can or waste paper baskets
Square or rectangle storage bins and baskets
Broken or unwanted costume jewelry
Buttons, keys, beads
Scrapbooking inks & rubber stamps
Mop & mop bucket
Broom & dust pan
Area rug in good condition, neutral colors aprox 8' x 10 or 12'
Decorative iron work
Sizzix dies or embossing folders
Postage scale
Any other miscellaneous art & craft supplies

We appreciate you keeping us in mind when deciding what to do with things you are ready to cast off.

Don't have anything to get rid of? We are having a yard sale of our own Friday & Saturday, the 20th & 21st from 8am to 2pm both days. The money raised that day will help us with our beginning operating expenses.

You will be able to visit us in our new studio & boutique, aka Cherry Kandy, at 215 W. Oak St, in the SCRAP building. We will be having a preview night on Friday , February 3rd from 7 to 9 pm.

Please contact Kandyce or me, we will be happy to make arrangements to pick up items you wish to donate to us or give you the address of the yard sale.

Thank you all so much!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One of THOSE Days!

So this morning was one of THOSE mornings for some reason. I did get up on time, got the kiddos up on time but they were dragging. Not one of the four of them was ready on time. No amount of politely asking them seemed to do the trick so I moved on to being firm and logical about the benefits of good choices and the consequences of bad choices. I am sure by the way they responded all they heard was blah blah blah blah blah.

Completely frustrated (me that is) we finally walk out the door ten minutes late only to discover my van had a nice coat of frost over all the windows and my oldest two children fighting over whether or not you could scrape ice with a squeegee, one with the handle in their hand and the other with the actual squeegee part in their hand. ***Deep sigh***.

Hubby, who is also running behind, emerges from the house ready for work and begins to help me scrape ice, so very thankful for him, my visual example of sanity and peace in the midst of chaos. Okay, all done, we're finally pulling out of the driveway only 20 minutes behind schedule.

The children are all complaining they are going to be late now and when I remind them that none of them were ready on time, someone decides to snidely point out that if I had only started the van earlier so it could have warmed up, and then all I heard was blah blah blah blah blah.

Once all of them are safely at school and no one is tardy and no speeding tickets were involved, I begin to pray while am driving. I am praying for peace and for forgiveness for being so short tempered and for wisdom on how to make these mornings go more smoothly. (We have assigned them check off lists and charts and graphs galore with incentives to help them stay on track, all to no avail. )

So I am taking these few minutes of quiet to try to regroup when I notice a car that has gone of the road and into the ditch with a pretty steep embankment. With the rain that we have had, I know that car is not coming out of that ditch without a wrecker. Then out comes a young man who runs up the slope around to the driver side and opens the door for the young lady who was driving, she is visibly shaken. I roll down the window and ask if they are okay, and they are, grandparents have been called and on the way, young man is going to walk to school. I offer him a ride because it's cold and because I know if he walks he will be late.

As I turn around and take him to school I learn the driver is his sister, a junior in high school who has only had her license for a few months. I asked him again if he was okay, questions like did you hit your head on anything, are you feeling light headed or dizzy, you know the over protective mama kind of questions, I hope another woman would do the same if it were my child. He seemed to be calm, cool and collected, I encouraged him to call his grandparents or go to the nurse if he started feeling badly as I dropped him at the door of the school.

On the way home again, thinking about how the morning has unfolded and all of the sudden I am deeply ashamed of how frustrated I had been about being so far behind schedule because I realize that God had me right where he needed me to be all along, on his schedule, to be able to offer a few comforting words to a couple of high school kids in a scary situation and to do my part, albeit little, to help out.

Lord, help me to rest in the knowledge that you hold my every moment in your hands, all have been ordained by you, and you have a plan for all of them.