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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Living The Fruitful Life

I am so excited about this ten day journey to a closer walk with God! Romans 8:14 states "For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God." I don't know about you, but sometimes I need to be a little more focused to grow in my relationship with God and allow myself to be led by the Spirit. Life gets busy and in the way so often, but I decided that I would do a challenge for myself. Then I thought I might really get more from it if I shared it with others. So I hope you will join me on this journey!
As Christians it should be our earnest desire to be led by the Spirit. God's word tells us that the act of living a spirit led life is living a fruitful life. There will be virtues developed in the process and it is our job to cultivate those fruits. Beginning on Monday June 30th, I will share a brief daily devotional covering The Fruits of The Spirit as well as a "challenge" for cultivating that virtue in your daily life. I will do this here on my blog.
Each day I will also post the link to the devotional and challenge here to my Facebook page, as well as inspirational quotes, Bible verses and thoughts about the daily topic. It is my hope and prayer that you will join in the discussions about Living The Fruitful Life on my Facebook page or in the comments below. Your insights might just be exactly what someone else participating in this challenge needs to hear.
Answers to questions you may have:
Do I need anything to participate? A: You may want to grab a notebook to record what God is revealing to you throughout the challenge.
What is the time frame for the challenge?
A: It begins June 30, 2014 and ends July 11, 2014. There will be no devotionals over the weekend of July 5 & 6.
Can I share the challenge with others?
A: Absolutely!! Please share the links to the blog and Facebook page with anyone you think could benefit from this challenge.  If you quote or repost any of it, please be sure to mention me as the source.
Is there a fee to participate?
A: Nope, it's free.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you might have. It is my desire that you would be uplifted and encouraged by this experience.

You can also sign up to have the daily devotionals delivered straight to your inbox by clicking here. Be sure to click the box labeled challenge.  If would like news on upcoming products and services, you may also click the box labeled updates.
Many Blessings,
Cherry Fargo
Being ReMade

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sammysgrammy said...

I'm excited - I'm going to see it in my inbox for 10 days, starting Monday.

Thanks for sticking your neck out....